Meine Lacksammlung

040 let it rock
075.50 ruby nails
085.50 amazing red
088.50 my name is red
108 feeling beautiful
199 mystic beauty
199.50 royal cupcake
218 friends forever
219 vintage home
219.30 glamrock party
225 lilac powder
232 rose quartz symphony
237 hot pink spring
244 naked venus
245.50 sweetie pie
246.90 biking girl
247.70 city walk
255 paris in love
284 something divine
290 nude
380 look at me
381.10 rock'n'roll kid
392 blue moon
392.20 blue serenity
399 denim on the rocks
403 blue fashion show
452 golden touch (Glitterlack)
457 bohemian love
458 sparkling champagne
474 message in a bottle (Glitterlack)
477 golden lady (Glitterlack)
578 kissing frog
600 kisses for you
612 bunny suit
625 las vegas showgirl (Sand Lack)
630 shooting star (Sand Lack)
738 shake it take it
im Set art of pearls: 319 rich&beautiful, 05 nude couture pearls & 940 quick dry


aim to misbehave (mini)
all access pass (mini)
angora cardi
aruba blue
as if!
bachelorette bash
back in the saddle (mini)
baguette me not
bahama mama
bare with me
beach bum blu
bell-bottom blues
big spender
bikini so teeny
blue la-la
bobbing for baubles
bucket list (mini)
cascade cool
chills & thrills
ciao effect
clothing optional
coacha'bella (mini)
coat couture
cocoa karma
coming together
cozy in cashmere
cross body heat (mini)
cute as a button (mini)
delhi dance (mini)
demure vix
designated DJ
dive bar
DJ on board (mini)
don't sweater it
dressed to the nineties
dress to kilt
eternal optimist
excuse me, sur
fear & desire
fifth avenue
fondant of you
full steam ahead (mini)
garden varity
getting groovy
girly grunge
go ginza
go go geisha
going guru (mini)
go with the flowy
groove is in the heart
haute in the heat
haute tub
hide & go chic
in hot purse-uit (mini)
i'm addicted
island hoping
it's genius
jiggle hi jiggle low
jump in my jumpsuit
just stiched
knee-high life
leggy legend
life of the party
loot the booty
lovie dovie
madame wiesn
mademoiselle  (mini)  
make some noise (mini)
maki me happy
maximillian strasse her
merino cool      
mint candy apple
mrs always-right
nama-stay the night (mini)
naughty nautical (mini)
no more film
not just a pretty face
now and zen
off the shoulder
off tropic
oh behave!
on a silver platter
parka perfect (mini)
party on a platform
passport to happiness
peak show
pedal pushers
play date
playing koi
push the envelope (mini)
ready to boa
resort fling
resort romanza
rock at the top
romper room
ruffles & feathers
russian roulette
saltwater happy
sand tropez
satin sister
saved by the belle
seen on the scene (mini)
sexy divide
sexy plunge (mini)
shades on
shearling darling (mini)
si'l vous play
sittin' pretty
skirting the issue
sorrento yourself
southern grazia
splash of grenadine
spun the luxe
starry starry night
stones n'roses
strike a pose-itano
strut your stuff
style hunter
sunday funday (mini)
sweet soufflé
sweet tart
taj-ma-haul (mini)
tart deco
the lace is on
toggle to the top (mini)
topless& barefoot
tote-ally in love (mini)
tribal text-styles
truth or bare
truth or flare
tuck it in my tux
udon know me
under the twilight
urban jungle
vices versa
virgin snow
viva antigua!
warm and toasty turtleneck
winning streak
without a stitch

Essie gelcouture
model clicks

Sally Hansen     
All fired up                         
Back to the fuchsia
Coat of arms
Crown Jewels
Glitter bomb
Golden rule
Jungle Gem  
peach of cake
Pink dream
Ruby do
shell we dance
Strawberry shields
Tippy taupe
color therapy- rosy quartz
Sugar coat - candy corn
Diamond strength - Private I
Hard as Nails Xtreme wear  blue it
Hard as Nails Xtreme wear confetti cake
Hard as Nails Xtreme wear tidal rave
Hard as Nails Xtreme wear copa banana
Hard as Nails Xtreme wear silver streamers
Hard as Nails Xtreme wear deep purple
Hard as Nails Xtreme wear twisted pink
Hard as Nails Xtreme wear rock chic
Hard as Nails Xtreme wear Green Rocket
Hard as Nails Xtreme wear Rosey Shoother

lost in glitter 031 crazy natural!
lost in glitter 040 be cool!
lost in glitter 090 live intensely!                                  
sand style 080 lovely
sand style 120 dreamy
Sea la vie sailor's choice nail polish 030 navy
volume gloss 020 business woman
volume gloss little princess
volume gloss peace keeper
Winter who cares 010 I don't care!
Winter who cares 020 never mind!
Winter who cares 030 even now!
Winter who cares 040 play up!
Winter who cares 050 for that reason!
Winter who cares 060 no matter!
inspired by light luminous blue
just dream like 010 peach delight
just dream like 020 mint flavour
just dream like 030 cassis passion
just dream like 040 lilac joy
just dream like top coat 021 mint flavour dots
just dream like top coat 031 cassis passion dots
just dream like top coat 041 lilac joy dots
crisp+color polish 040 violet grace
metal reflection polish 040 purple pop
color victim 333 be my guy
color victim 334 heat some cocoa
color victim 690 forever
color victim electrify my night
hypnotic lights 010 starshine
hypnotic lights 060 rainbow fuel
hypnotic lights 080 pool glow
hypnotic lights 090 firefly
blossom stories flowery meadow
blossom stories hazy lilac
blossom stories glazed caledon
secret splendor 020 illustrious opal
secret splendor 040 opulent sapphire
beyond lagoon 030 seaweed green
fabulous beauty gala 020 alluring black
Techno Chrome 050 frozen rose
Techno Chrome 060 bright image
Mystic Whisper 040 sweet seduction
Cali Vibes- cotton candy

colour&go 109 off to miami!
colour&go 111 english rose
colour&go 128 let's get lost
colour&go 137 wanna be your sunshine
colour&go 138 L.O.L.
colour&go 159 the green& the grunge
colour&go 164 crazy fancy love
colour&go 172 splash!
colour&go 173 over the rainbow
colour&go 175 be berry now!
colour&go 178 hello spring!
colour&go 179 roller coaster
colour&go 182 hello rosy (Sand Effekt)
colour&go 165 candy crush (matt)
colour&go 196 i ♥ my blue jeans (suede-effect)
colour&go 197 caramel brownie
colour&go "O'zapft is" 02 sweet purpeline
colour&go "O' zapft is" 03 i hol di mit'm traktor ab*
colour&go "O'zapft is" 04 holz oder michel?*
the gel 13 forgive me
the gel 19 indigo to go
the gel 20 beautiful lies
the gel 21 a whisper of spring
the gel 23 wonderfuel
the gel 25 prince charming
the gel 31 electriiiiic
the gel 33 wild white ways
the gel 37 serendipity
the gel 38 love is in the air
the gel 39 blue bubble di blue
the gel 46 black is back
the gel 48 my love diary
the gel 50 I feel good
the gel 51 miss captain
the gel 55 be awesome tonight
the gel 56 you and me?
the gel 61 1001 party nights
the gel 75 perfect match
the gel 78 royal blue*
the gel 83 pretty cool life
the gel 85 wild an free
the gel 86 my sparkling darling
the gel 87 gossip girl*
the gel 97 flamingo
the gel 106 loyal royal
I love trends- make up your mind
nail art special effect topper 10 glorious aquarious                                                  
happy holidays snowflake topper 01 let it snow
effect nail polsih 03 glitz & glam
effect nail polish 24 party never ends
effect nail polish 25 live, laugh & party
effect nail polish 26 awesome blossoms
effect nail polish 29 i don't need money, honey!
effect nail polish 30 lady mermaid
effect nail polish 32 the black cat
effect nail polish lovely, maybe
aquatix 04 under the sea
yes, we pop 01 hey smiley *
yes, we pop confetti topper bubble gum
sparkle sand top coat 24 I feel gritty!
rock out!! 02 best hip hop*
rock out!! 04 best female*
rock out!! glow in the dark top coat 01 biggest fan*
come to town lametta the most wonderful tree
Cinderella 01 sing, sweet nightingale
Cinderella 02 bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
Cinderella 03 prince charming
Cinderella the glass slipper
love&sound 02 blue-chella*
love&sound 04 feel the vibe*
Nauti Girl 01 ahoy, boy!
Nauti Girl 02 oh captain, my captain
Nauti Girl 03 miss navy
Nauti Girl 04 crew first
Hello autumn meet my pumpkin (thermo)
snowflakes are kisses sent from heaven
candy cane lemonade
add on magic
north pole pincess
see you in my dreams
message from the north pole
the night of magic
what a grey-t night
have a very pink x-mas
meet me at the chimney
made with love
kiss under the mistletoe
from me to you
rudolph's favourite
my wish list
winter wonderland
my dear reindeer
do you hear the jingle bells?
sweet caramel sweets
Valentine who cares- talk to the hand
Turn it aquatic top coat - catch the wave
Turn it icy top coat - crush on you
gummy touch top coat - bounce bounce
the beach house- sandy toes & salty kisses
vintage style top coat - sweet memories
Thermo nail polish- the ice is melting
exit to explore- liana's in the jungle
exit to explore- queen of the amazonas
exit to explore - pink parrot
me& my umbrella- take me to the clouds
the little x-mas factory- let's take an elfie
come to town (dunkles mauve)
come to town (koralle)
nail art twins- bella
Colour boost- Instant friendship
Colour boost- Instant feeling
Colour boost- Instant happiness
Colour boost-Instant match
Colour boost- Instant summer
glow&care- love and care
glow&care- keep calm and glow on
glow&care- berry caring
Out of space stories- beam me up
Out of space stories- intergalactic adventure
Out of space stories- 1000 light years away
Out of space stories- we will spock you
Holo rainbow- holo fever

25 femme fatale
49 sooty violet
684 couture lucious red

Galaxy Nails - atmosphere *
metallic diamond - satellite war *
silk touch 06 ballet
silk touch 07 standing ovations
satin metal 11 copper rose
velvet diamond crushed silk
velvet diamond heart-stopping
sparkling diamond close-up magic
Satin metal 11D naughty girl
smoothie nail polish kiwi bomb
smoothie nail polish yummy cherry
smoothie nail polish sweet blackberry
neoprene flower garland
into the blue
lilac poison
wild passion

08 goldbusters
13 shopping day at bluemingdales
14 purple reign
46 berry potter& plumbledore
55 Get the Blues
59 first class up-grape
65 Be my Violetine
66 blue and a half men
115 summer night's sky
740 King of greens
luxury lacquers 03 let's get lost in vegas
luxury lacquers 05 plum fiction
luxury lacquers 08 thunder from down under
luxury lacquers C03 harlem's holo shake
luxury vintage minty memories
luxury nudes 04 your fresh apri-coat
luxury sheers- miss-teroius lilac
Viennart C04- ARTful Red
Rock-o-co - Madame de Pinkadour
Nude Purism - pure blue
Lumination cosmic pink*
Lumination Interstellar*
Lumination HoloGREYphic
FALLosophy Mauving Leaves*
FALLosophy Mystic Moss*
FALLosophy Fabulous Fox-ia*
Million Styles Effect Top Coat 05 Let's do the holo show
Feathered fall Golden Plum-e
Networks C01 M-ashy*
Networks C02 mashed peach*
Networks C03 nude NETisfaction*
Frozen Crystal top coat
Broken Glass effect top coat
Moon Rock- magical bluelight
Rocking Royals- Ex Pistols
Graphic Grace- Straight Style
Graphic Grace- Graphic Glaze
ICONails- Johnny Deep
ICONails- I need vitamine SEA
ICONails- It's all about that red
ICONails- milky bay
ICONails- mermayday mayday
ICONails- Mint map
ICONails brown collection- unmistakeable style
ProvoCATRICE - RoSéducteur*
ProvoCATRICE- Provocative Pearls*

top coat confettis (schwarz-weiß)
top coat confettis oulala blue
top coat confettis graffiti d'amour
royal orchidee
masque lover
Eva's delicate rose
Naomi's delicate rose
violet de nuit
rubies folies

Rival de Loop
Duftnagellack Jolie rosé
Duftnagellack Jolie blue
Duftnagellack Jolie beige
Sorbet Nail Collection 05 blue sky (topper)
Sorbet Nail Collection 06 blue sky
Sorbet Nail Collection 07 cool mint (topper)
Sorbet Nail Collection 08 cool mint
Sorbet Nail Collection 09 birdy silver (topper)
Sorbet Nail Collection 10 birdy silver
Nude Pearl Nail Colour 01?

RdeL Young
#21 two face
#02 eldorado (cracking nails)
#03 fireworks
#24 indian feeling
#31 magic dream
Colour Breeze 01 Neon Base
Colour Breeze 04 Neon Banana
Golden Glow Lilac Glow
I ♥ Gel-Like nail polish - mint, myself and I
Rock it! Leder Effekt 04 Greyvana
Holo Nails #01 dreamland
Holo Nails #03 cute candy
pocket me - pocket rock
cookie nails #01 crazy cookie
beach love venice*
beach love tahiti*
beach love bora bora*
beach loce acapulco*
beach love copacabana*
beach love ibiza*
beach love St.bath*
beach love Saint tropez*
beach love bali*
beach love hawaii*
glitter nails #01 mars invasion
petite romance- je t'aime , Paris
rainbow drops

Lotus Effect 10C (Glitzerlack in Violet/Rot)
Birthday Colours frozen margarita
Birthday Colours amazing anniversary
Birthday Colours cupcake addicted
Birthday Colours  midnight sparkle
Birthday Colours strawberry cake
Midnight @ Times Square happy new yeah!
Matt 20M (pastell grün)
300 Pretty Pink
550 Gimme more
570 Club nights
700 Soft orchid
770 Sparkle up

5 apples tall
Cement the deal
Dark side of the mood
Do you have this color in stock-holm?
Embrace the Gray
Gargantuan green grape
Got myself into a Jam-balaya
Having a big head day
How great is your dane?
I'm gown for anything!
I'm so swamped!
Let's be friends
Milk bottle
My dogsled is a hybrid
My Silk Tie
My twin mimmy
My voice is a little norse
Never a dulles moment
Never have too mani friends
Oh my majesty!
Pamplona Purple
Romantically Involved
Shine for me
Show us your tips
Take a right on bourbon
The I's have it

China Glaze
Gothic Lolita

all aglow
calkboard paint pot schwarz
candy cane
cream soda
mattnificient matte top coat
naughty or nice
yule rules

Denim nail lacquer 464 essential sky blue
Denim nail lacquer 462 tribal purple
Cupcake nail lacquer 653 wisteria
Cupcake nail lacquer 650 peach
Cupcake nail lacquer 655 mint
Fancy top coat 664 sapphire
Fancy top coat 661magenta
317 dark antique pink
343 spring green
479 pearly golden sesame
493 vino perlato
Rock-Top 611 (crackle)

ferris wheel
summer ball

Chrome golden rose
Glitter Star green kaviar
Heavens nude
Just Tipsy
Love secret
magic stars thermo - gaudy pink
Pink Emotion
Pink garden
Secret red
sunny copacabana
viva la diva  topcoat - portland dream
Velvet red
Velvet silver dust
Velvet raspberry ice
Velvet shaking berry
Wild Safari

acid wash effect bleached blue
Be brilliant! skyline blue
Be brilliant! purple dazzle
burgundy kiss
glitter it
grey matters
power red
street artist white splatter
neon pastels- blue voltage
Vinyl teal the deal
wine shimmer
blush berry
Super stay- rose salsa hot salsa
Super stay. rouge profond deep red

Holographic nail lacquer 992 grey illusion
Holographic nail lacquer 997 violet illusion
Sea salt lacquer 807 dead sea salt
sea salt lacquer 809 aquatic salt
465 Nautic blue
484 Fairy blue
487 Hanami lilac
757 Sparkling Poseidon

El Corazón
blueberry joghurt
hocus pocus 423/153
hocus pocus 423/155
Life is life- butterfly effect
thermo 423/803

dreams about spring - 01 blooming time
dreams about spring -  04 first snowdrop
dreams abot spring - 08 call f a bluebell
fashionista - 05 on shopping
fashionista - 15 in the club
lakomaniac - 04 lakosfera

Liquid Sky Lacquer
Egg hunt!

sorbet - S04
black dot - BD01
icy top IT01
icy top - IT03

Colours by Llarowe 
Beautiful disaster
Siren's song

 St. James
Kensington High Street

Wet n wild
fast dry - hannah pinktana
fast dry - teal of fotune
wild shine - lavender creme
wild shine - blue moon

Purple rain
Starry nights

after party
artificial sweetener
berry sweet
blue colar
cashmere cardigan
faint of heart
gold digger
last dance
pink lemonade
polo princess
quite contrary berry
robo romance
show girl
skinny dip
steel your heart
you're blushing

Barry M.
fashion icon

indie rock

James Jean
Spectral Violet
Spectral Pink
Spectral Green
Spectral Plum
Ciel d'orage
Purple touch
Violet at all
lost in sparkling

Emmi Nail
No. 16

Black Bird

gummies 080 tasty blueberry
be gentle
be a princess

plush berry
flaming orange

trend it up
Double Volume& Shine 150 (rot)*
Double Volume& Shine 352
No.1 050 (türkis)*
No.1 112
No.1 260
Touch of Satin 040 (lila)
Touch of Satin 010 (petrol)
Desert Nudes 010
Holo Dimension 030
Magical llusion Holotopper
Magical illusion 010
Magical illusion 050
Magical illusion 060
Touch of vintage 010
Touch of vinatge 020
Touch of vintage 040
Secret Desire 010
Secret Desire 050
Soft Matte 030
Porcelain 020
Velvet Sensation 020
Cool Breeze 060

Jelly Beans purple
Happy silver

Edding L.A.Q.U.E.
pretty plum
plain powderblue

Miss Sporty
Clubbing Color 170? hellblau
Sparkle Touch Glitzerlack in silber/blau/holo
Candy Shine 003? Gliterlack in gold/rosa/schwarz

Mirror Shine Bronze
Mirror Shine Silber
Mirror Shine Gold

Colour Alike
B. a raindrop
dark sea

MoYou-London Stamping Polish
sage smoke
white knight
denim jeans
august plum
frosted lips
electric teal
chill out
beach house
purple rain
skin silk
mint condition

MoYou Nailpolish
forest green

Conversion Thermo Top Coat 
Wind of change
Motivation (magnetic)
Miracle (thermo&uv)

Central Station
Charmingly Purple
Chocolate slate
Extra Credit
Industrial Park
Kings& Queens
Maiden Lane
Mega (L)
Mon Amour
Ten fold

Dance Legend
Different View
Gravity falls
New Promise
Optical Illusion

Cupcake Polish
all washed up

Polish Addict
hello sweetie

Revlon Red

purple candy
purple beach

Yes love
Plum flower (glow in the dark)

Color Club
blush crush

Big city lights
Crystal forget-me-nots
Galaxy collisions
I see you love me
It's my day
Lazurite of fortune (magnetic)
Sapphire of heaven
Silk haze
Tender snow leopard
The pillars of creation (magnetic)

Femme Fatale
Floral rain

Sinful Colors
King Size

wuthering heights

Love Thy Polish
the only snow in town

Penelope Luz
Lucky Fairy

fire up

schwarzer Holo-Glitzerlack

rich raspberry

PS (Primark)
star gazer
lilac chrome
holler and glow can you not

....wird natürlich immer wieder ergänzt :-)
Schon auf dem Blog gezeigte Lacke  habe ich verlinkt.

Wenn ihr Fragen zu einzelnen Farben habt oder einen Lack gerne mal "aufgepinselt" sehen möchtet, einfach melden, komme euren Wünschen dann sehr gerne nach :)

Stand Oktober 2017
* diese Lacke habe ich kosten- und bedingungslos zum Testen zur Verfügung gestellt bekommen

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